What Every Entrepreneur Should Know About The Cloud

As an entrepreneur, what should you know about the cloud, according to Google Cloud?

The cloud has become one of the fundamental technological tools for the digital transformation of companies, that is why Google Cloud defined 16 concepts that every entrepreneur should know.

Google Cloud, a Google platform specialized top features of the could technology in web development and cloud services, defined a list of 16 basic concepts that any entrepreneur should take into account for their business.

What is the cloud?

It is a service that offers the possibility of accessing computational power remotely through the internet. Adoption Top features of cloud technology from cloud computing, the company will be able to make use of IT resources provided by a provider, who will offer storage, processing, network tools, data analysis, application development, machine learning, fully managed services, among others. What to know about the future of the cloud? find more by referring to this blog post.

What is Cloud Data center

A data center is a physical facility with many computers that store and process a large amount of information. It is the heart of the cloud, allowing companies to access computing power without worrying about managing it.

What is Multi-cloud

Multi-cloud refers to a cloud approach made up of more than one service of this type, that is, provided by at least two different providers. This allows the company to take advantage of the technological services offered by different clouds. Example: Azure and AWS

Public cloud and private cloud

The public cloud is shared by many organizations that use the same computers, with the ability to separate their environments. Meanwhile, the private cloud is the possibility of having some exclusive computing resources for the use of a single business or organization.

Hybrid cloud

It is an architecture that benefits from elements of the private cloud, but also the public cloud.

Artificial intelligence for Entrepreneur (AI)

It is the science of doing things intelligently, which is why organizations that implement this technology require great computational power such as the cloud to function.

Know about the Open source

It is an open-source software or program that is designed so that other people, different from the original developer, can use it, modify it and adapt it for free, which allows finding innovative solutions to global problems.

Lift and shift

It is a mechanism for migrating data or workloads to the cloud, as it preserves almost the same operating model used to run and manage local applications. With this, companies can move the infrastructure from the private cloud or on-prem servers to the public cloud.


It allows some cloud services to be used without the user or company having to take over the entire underlying infrastructure.

Should Know about the Cloud Pay per use

It is a mode of consumption in which the user pays only for the specific services they need from the cloud.

Kubernetes / Containers

They function as containers to transport or store computing capacities. Thus, loading an application can use different containers that occupy less space and work more efficiently.


It is a package of machine learning products, developed by Google Cloud, which focuses on helping programmers without knowledge in this area to generate quality models to meet business needs.


It is a data warehouse that can be used in multiple clouds, designed to enhance business agility. It works under the serverless computing model, that is, without servers, profitable and scalable.


An API is an application programming interface that allows a consumer, be it an application on any platform or infrastructure, to communicate with each other.


It is a set of practices or a work culture in which different roles collaborate with each other to develop better products and services.

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