Cisco: Global Cybersecurity Services Report 2021 Security Outcomes Study

The most effective cybersecurity services are those that use the most modern technologies – this confirms the importance of using cloud and SaaS solutions.

Smart integration of cybersecurity technologies is inextricably linked to the attraction and retention of qualified professionals.

Training alone, without additional activities, is not the most effective way to implement an information security culture in a company.

Cisco has published the 2021 Security Outcomes Study, which will help information security professionals choose the direction of their departments’ development in the coming year. The survey involved 4,800 cybersecurity, IT and privacy professionals from 25 countries.

The report identifies specific activities to help strengthen cybersecurity. The recommendations in the report will help cybersecurity services not only manage risk, but also empower businesses and improve operational efficiency.

The survey showed that the key to success in cybersecurity is not to be satisfied with what has already been achieved. On average, programs that included advanced technology proactive updates were 12.7% more likely to deliver overall cybersecurity success – the highest practical rate. Unfortunately, not everyone has enough budget and experience to organize the minimum necessary protection (Security Bottom Line). And this is where migration to the cloud and the use of SaaS security solutions will help. Subscription cybersecurity solutions are affordable, easy to install and integrate, and automatic updates keep technology up to date without additional cost or effort.

Key findings of the report:

An important factor in successful cybersecurity is a well-integrated technology stack. This positively affects almost all analyzed parameters, increasing the probability of overall success by an average of 10.5%. It is worth noting that integration also contributes to the attraction and retention of professionals – cybersecurity services prefer to work with advanced technologies and avoid professional burnout.

Integration is also the single most important factor in shaping a cybersecurity culture for the entire organization. Investing in flexible and well-functioning technology is preferable to conventional cybersecurity training that is not associated with a positive culture.

Taken separately, simple knowledge of the potential risks of information security correlates less than others with overall success. This fact may sound surprising, but it points to the importance of a comprehensive threat analysis and incident management program with the ability to minimize risks and remediate consequences. Timely incident response and accurate threat identification are far more correlated with overall cybersecurity success.

“Cybersecurity professionals need to make informed decisions quickly. But often they have a variety of tools from different vendors that will only interact with each other after significant effort and time has been spent. Hence the complexity, cost and inefficiency, ”said Mike Hanley, Cisco’s chief information security officer. – The Cisco 2021 Security Outcomes Study helps you prioritize procedures that protect and grow your business. Successful cybersecurity is possible even in the face of ever-changing threats and shrinking budgets. ”

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