Chatbots: How And Why They Are Used By Large And Small Companies

Consumers are already accustomed to the fact that chatbots answer their questions to a brand or retailer on social networks and messengers. Some surprise with their quick wit, others annoy with their limitations. But with proper setup, a “chatty robot” can close a lot of questions for a company, saving time for more important tasks. What kind of chat bots are used by large and medium-sized companies?

In recent years, chatbots in instant messengers and social networks have been increasingly implemented by companies from a wide variety of industries. The relevance of the solution is confirmed by the fact that a very large and active audience is concentrated in social networks, that is, potential consumers. This is evidenced by many statistical materials.

It was also recorded that many people have an average of four messengers installed on smartphones. All of these are good reasons for businesses to actively promote their brand on social networks and messengers. In this case, a chatbot is one of the options for interacting with a potential audience on the mentioned sites. With its help, you can automate various business processes, improve their efficiency and save on additional staff.

At first, the creation of a chatbot was available to large and medium-sized companies, which can afford to invest a large budget in its production. After, noticing that this tool was in demand among representatives of micro and small businesses, the market for B2B services did not keep waiting long – a large number of online constructors were launched that allow, without programming skills, to independently create a chat bot for business.

Such services have become very popular: low cost, simplicity and speed – this attracts many customers. Demand has contributed not only to an increase in the number of offers on the market, but also to the development of healthy competition, more and more profitable offers, an overall improvement in product quality and functionality. Chatbots are used today to solve a wide variety of business processes.

What kind of chat bots are used by large and medium-sized companies?

Typically, for large and medium-sized businesses, a chatbot is designed either by a specialized agency / freelancer or by its own IT department. The cost of a high-quality bot (with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies). It is also worth understanding that all stages of creation and launch can take a lot of time.

Here are few examples of successful chat bots from the practice of some international companies:

Bot Burger

A unique project was launched by the French company Bot Burger, which specializes in the delivery of food (mostly burgers). They became the first bot company without a website or mobile app.

The only platform where they are represented is Facebook: on their account page, you can place an order via Messenger. New customers are attracted to Bot Burger through Facebook ads that offer burger delivery in 20 minutes. Thanks to this business model, the cost of attracting customers is very low, which is extremely important for such a business.

Complex Networks

American media company Complex Networks uses Facebook chatbot to drive traffic. A bot in a chat with a user collects data about him (name, gender, location, etc.), then, based on this information, forms and issues personalized content. Thanks to this approach, the company was able to seriously reduce its advertising budget.


The Danish educational toys company has launched the Ralfa Facebook chatbot to help people find the right product. The bot asks a series of questions (age of the person who purchased the kit, location, budget, product theme, etc.) and issues recommendations based on the responses received.

As soon as the user has selected the item they like, Ralph sends a link to the cart on the LEGO website, in which the selected item has already been added. As a result, using this technique, the company was able to achieve sixfold coverage of advertising costs in some regions, as well as reduce the cost of conversion by 31%.

Bank of America

Chatbots are becoming more and more popular in the banking industry. Erica is the latest addition to the Bank of America team.

The Resident Chatbot was first deployed in Rhode Island and is now available nationwide. This chatbot example can show how other banks can use chatbots to serve their customers more efficiently.

Users can give Erica specific instructions on what they want her to do for them.

The chatbot can tell you about your credit score updates, transactions, or even link you to a bank agent. You can also connect the chatbot to your bank’s spending and budgeting tools.

The bank is currently working on adding new features for the bot.


Everyone knows that it’s important for your brand to have your own voice and personality. This is essential if you want to connect with your target audience.

So why not extend it to your chatbot too?

GoPro Adventure Guru’s chatbot, Greg, has a fun side. GoPro says it loves to travel and discuss adventure ideas.

In a nutshell, Greg is everything GoPro stands for.

This chatbot example is the perfect example to learn how to strengthen your brand identity. Naturally, he extends his signature voice and tone to his chatbot.


This chat example is one of the most talked about.

Sephora’s chatbot is like a concierge that allows consumers to do a variety of things. Using a chatbot, you can browse their products, try AR technologies, or even make an appointment.

Sephora’s chatbot is simple and ensures that the customer comes first.

They also integrate their chatbots seamlessly into their business as usual. In the chat, you can see which products are available in stores near you. If you want to try a product before buying it, you can head to your nearest store.

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