8 Apps To Improve Your Zoom Calls

Zoom’s video calling service became particularly popular during the pandemic. There are several useful apps that can make Zoom communication even more convenient.

1. Krisp noise suppressor

Zoom has built-in noise cancellation (found in sound settings), but it doesn’t do its job as well as the desktop app Krisp. If background noise still interferes with chatting with friends or holding business meetings, this tool is worth checking out.

How much: Krisp provides up to 120 minutes of free use per week, and for unlimited calls, you can subscribe for $ 5 per month (or $ 3.33 per month if billed annually).

2. Multitasking mode and updated interface with Circles

Circles provides the ability to do several things at the same time: the video of each participant in a Zoom conference is located in a small separate circle, and the rest of the desktop space is free. The caller will not know that you are viewing messages during a call.

How much it costs: The app is free for macOS users.

3. Transcript of a conversation with Otter.ai

Automatic conversation transcription eliminates the need to take notes during Zoom hangouts. You don’t need to install Otter.ai – it’s integrated into the Zoom API. The function converts the spoken words into text, which is displayed on a separate web page.

How much: To use Otter.ai, you need to subscribe to Otter for Teams for $ 30.

4. Improved invitations and calendar with Luma – Zoom

Luma offers personalized Zoom event invitations for simple calls and large-scale webinars. Using the program, you can customize the event page: add a photo on the cover, special questions for guests and a section for payment if necessary. A scheduled Zoom event is also integrated into a calendar that you can organize according to your preferences.

How much: Free use is available for the duration of the pandemic. When selling tickets for paid events, a commission is charged.

5. Background images from Canva

Canva is like a simplified browser version of Photoshop that lets you create a Zoom background in a couple of clicks. The site allows you to upload your own templates and customize the ones that Zoom offers.

How much it costs: It’s free to use Canva to create backgrounds. A paid subscription to Canva Pro with more features is also available for $ 12.95 per month.

6. Making zoom video clips with Grain

With Grain, you can create video clips from your Zoom conversations and then share them in Slack and other apps. Grain also provides a conversation transcript function. Highlights and comments can be marked as favorites, and then turned into a video clip.

How much it costs: At the time of publication, Grain is free to use.

7. Using a professional camcorder with SparkoCam

If the camera built into your laptop transmits poor quality video, you can integrate Zoom with a professional camera such as Canon or Nikon. To do this, you need to install the camera on a tripod, connect it to your computer and launch the SparkoCam service, which will turn it into a webcam for connecting to Zoom. SparkoCam also allows you to add effects, graphics and animation to the screen image. However, only Windows users can use the application.

How much: Subscriptions start at $ 39.95. For licensed Canon and Nikon devices, the price is $ 49.95.

8. Noise reduction, backgrounds and auto cropping from Nvidia Broadcast

In addition to a laptop, you will also need Nvidia products, such as a graphics card, to use Nvidia Broadcast. It can be used to launch professional video streaming for TV broadcasts and large events, such as virtual lectures for students or online conferences.

Noise removal and background blur functions are available in the application, as well as a virtual green screen for adding backgrounds. The auto framing function centers the Zoom broadcaster’s image, even as it moves.

How much: The app is free to download, but compatible Nvidia GPUs start at $ 300.

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