5 Best In-Ear Translators

In-Ear – Headphones translators belong to the narrowest category of acoustic devices, which includes a limited number of models, since most of the famous manufacturers have just begun to master their release. From a small number of headphones on the market, we managed to select the best of them, the main differences of which we will describe in this article.

1.     Google Pixel Buds – headphones for Pixel phones

One of the latest innovations from Google with touch control and digital assistant. The rechargeable headphones are paired with a short, durable cable and come in a compact case that fits easily into your pocket. The device is designed for simultaneous translation of 40 foreign languages, which is carried out using Google Translate technology. In addition, the headphones are also used for listening to music, compensating for the lack of a standard 3.5 mm audio jack on Pixel smartphones.


  • The operating time of the headphones without recharging is 5 hours;
  • Large capacity of the battery case, which allows you to repeatedly charge the device during the day;
  • The presence of a touchpad on the right earpiece, which is responsible for the operation of the gadget, volume control and activation of additional functions;
  • Functions of a voice assistant.


  • Absence of some languages (ex: Russian);
  • Impressive price. The device can be purchased by pre-order for $179.

2.     Mymanu Clik – fully wireless headphones for 37 languages ​​translation

Mymanu Clik headphones are completely wire free and good sound quality. They are able to translate the spoken speech when communicating with the interlocutor with a minimum lag, as well as to translate offline, for which the built-in microprocessor is responsible. The device transmits data via Bluetooth and requires constant connection with a smartphone. The gadget is controlled via a touch panel built into one of the headphones.


  • Headphones come with a hard case that acts as a charger;
  • Without recharging, the device can work up to 7 hours;
  • The minimum size of the headphones makes them invisible in the ear;
  • The built-in touchpad allows you to receive notifications from mobile device applications and control music playback.


  • The speech lag interval is far from the stated 5 seconds and in fact is more than 15 seconds;
  • To activate the translation function, each time it is necessary to synchronize the headset with the mobile application, which generates identification codes for each participant in the conversation.

3.     WT2 – paired Bluetooth headset for two-way communication

The WT2 Bluetooth headset is a great solution for explorers and travelers. It works in real time, for which it must be paired with a smartphone application. The set of the device includes a charging case with a built-in high-capacity battery and two compact headphones with microphones. Headphones are charged automatically when placed in a case (case).


  • Automatic pairing of headphones with a mobile device, which occurs immediately after opening the case;
  • Translation delay time is only 3 seconds;
  • There are 3 translation modes for the user: using two headphones – standard, with one earphone – for quick answers and questions, and for noisy places, providing a special setting;


  • A full charge is only enough for 2 hours of communication;
  • Purchase is available only from the official website.

4.     Bragi Dash Pro – Waterproof Headphones with Fitness Tracker Features

The new Bragi Dash Pro is equipped with a simple head movement to control music tracks. In addition, the headphones are capable of working in simultaneous interpretation mode and are equipped with a touch control panel. The device supports the Dash Pro audio codec and customizable noise reduction, which allow you to listen to music in high quality and completely forget about external noise.


  • Fitness tracker mode, during which the number of steps taken, heart rate and blood oxygen level are tracked;
  • Thanks to the built-in battery, the headphones can be in active playback mode for up to 6 hours;
  • Protection of the case from water;
  • The presence of 4gb internal memory;
  • The charging case allows you to fully charge the headphones at least 5 times during the day;
  • Support for 40 languages ​​for simultaneous translation.


  • Complex tuning algorithm.

5.     Pilot Smart Earbuds – Waverly Labs

Pilot Smart Earbuds will help if you are not familiar with a foreign language, but want a quick answer to your question. The device works in one direction, allowing you to speak only one thing – dialogue in such headphones will not work. The system works via a Bluetooth connection, but to start the translator on a smartphone, a special application must additionally be installed that automatically synchronizes the work of the headphones.


  • The headphones have a built-in high-quality microphone and powerful emitters, which allows them to be used for listening to audio recordings and as a headset;
  • Simultaneous translation is available for regular and video calls;
  • The battery life is 6 hours.


  • Only supports 5 languages;
  • Expensive. A purchase on the official website will cost $249.

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